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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SERIES: Africa

BBC Africa : Sand dunes of the Kalahari
BBC Africa : A black rhino in the Kalahari
BBC Africa : BBC cameraman filming in Africa
BBC Africa : Bleeding heart baboon
BBC Africa : Family of elephants on the Savannah
BBC Africa : Flamingos on a lake in East Africa
BBC Africa : Three desert giraffes in the Kalahari
Forget British import Downton Abbey, 
we are excited for Sir David Attenborough's new series Africa.

Get ready for an adventure of sweeping vistas, giraffe showdowns, 
flamingo socials, rhino midnight meetings, and then some
 in Earth's "greatest wilderness."

Thanks Dave.  For showing us the world.

Important Note: Watched the first episode last night on Discovery.
The narrator is not the best.  Wondering why David Attenborough
isn't narrating with his genteel British voice...

Who doesn't love a good leaf, Big D!


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