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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SEASONAL: House Plants

I used to do this - it was so cute - now I have a cat that is an interior decorator and the windowsill is HIS
Cactus >> Cannot get enough of these beauties! That big one is fantastic!
Terrariums came of age with the Victorians and are enjoying a newfound resurgence, fueled in part by their affordability and the continued interest in all things gardening. "It's something everybody can do," says Tovah Martin, author of The New Terrarium and a lecturer who gives workshops on the subject across the country. "You can do it on a budget, do it with kids, do it with seniors."
Kitchen herb garden.  Those tall plants are rosemary, and it's the one herb that looks beautiful and full for a long time.  If there are others, I haven't found them.  Yet.  ;-)
How to Distress Furniture : Decorating : Home & Garden Television
Nothing transforms your house (or apartment) more than plants.  Whether you have a little windowsill or an entire solarium, spring is here, bring on the green.


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