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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BROWSE: The Life of a Bowerbird

What is a bowerbird you ask? 
A bowerbird is an australian native bird that builds a reedy nest 
and goes to extraordinary lengths to decorate it
with "stolen" goods and found objects.

The book, The Life of a Bowerbird, is a beautiful collection of...collections.

Author Sibella Court, says "A collection doesn't need to be justified beyond the desire to have it and keep it. Collections are simply an attraction (over and over again) to the same object, or shape, or color, or texture.  A collection is a memento of people, places, past times, and experiences-made up of memories of characters you've encountered, meals, globetrotting adventures, explorations, and travels, the details of daily life, time spent with friends, and a million other things. All objects, once held, have a memory or story of where, when, and who you were with when you found them."

So go on then, start collecting things that make you happy.
These are the things that make a home interesting.

Just about.
Man's watch.
Tiny bones.

National Geographic


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